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DocForge is an open peer-reviewed wiki for software developers. Our mission is to be a central repository for information helpful to those who create software.

DocForge is a community project. Anyone can submit and edit content. Articles are reviewed and edited by peers, whose credentials and background is optionally provided on user pages.



Generally anything of interest to software developers can be posted to DocForge.

  • Topics
    • Programming Languages (e.g. PHP, Python)
    • General programming techniques, tips, and best practices (e.g. Code reuse, Coding standards)
    • Applications used by software developers (editors, servers, etc.; e.g. vim, Drupal)
    • Platforms (Operating systems, virtualization, web browsers, etc.)
    • Standards (W3C, RFCs, etc.)
    • Anything tangential to software development (SEO, UI design, etc.)
  • Types of Articles
    • Both practical and academic
    • General and detailed information
    • Case studies
    • Documentation
    • Best practices
    • Troubleshooting and checklists
    • Tips

Anything suggested which is not already mentioned will be considered. All we ask is that you follow our policies to stay on topic and avoid spam.

See also: DocForge:Copyrights


Projects are topics that the community focuses on to complete a documentation goal. We try to always have one openly active project.

What differentiates DocForge from Wikipedia?

Factors that distinguish DocForge from Wikipedia, and possibly other wikis:

  • Detail: DocForge is not an encyclopedia. DocForge articles can go into much more depth and detail than Wikipedia. Where Wikipedia only provides a high-level description for general reference, DocForge elaborates on implementation details.
  • NPOV: DocForge articles do not have to be neutral in their point of view. Many topics on software development need to be expressed with multiple points of view to be complete.
  • Original Research: People can contribute their own research, experiences, opinions, and insights on any subject.
  • Peer Review: While there is no formal peer review process, DocForge articles are reviewed and edited by fellow software developers.

It may sound like DocForge is similar to Wikipedia, but with less rules. In fact DocForge has a different focus and intent. The focus is entirely on computer topics with as much depth as possible. The intent is to be a final and complete source of information. rather than only a general reference and starting point for further reading.

What DocForge Is Not

DocForge is not an encyclopedia. It does contain reference material, some from encyclopedias. But it also includes opinions, personal experiences, and insights.

DocForge is not a link directory. We only publish links to the most relevant and helpful sites. No pages exist merely to contain lists of links to other sites. We are extremely picky about what links we allow in articles.

See also: Policies

Unacceptable Articles

  • Biographies - No biography or vanity pages are allowed in the main namespace. An unlimited amount of biographical information can be placed on user pages.
  • Spam - Anyone can remove spam when found. Editors have final say on deciding if something is spam.
  • Hobbies - Star Wars is of interest to many software developers, but has another wiki. For now we plan on staying on the topic of software development. Suggestions of other tangential sections will be considered.
  • Job postings - While career-related articles may be of interest, actual job postings (or recruitments) should not be placed in any article. Send a private message instead.

See also: Policies


Anyone may create an account on DocForge or use an existing OpenID to log in. Users are encouraged to describe their credentials and background on their user pages. This provides credibility to their postings and edits.



DocForge is currently funded privately. DocForge is seeking sponsorship through advertising. Advertising pays the site's bills and eventually may be large enough to pay editors and writers. Please see the DocForge:Sponsors page for details and discussion.

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