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Software developer

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A software developer is a person directly involved in the design and programming of computer software, i.e. software development. While a programmer will be responsible for turning technical software specifications into code, a software developer will be more involved in the design, engineering, and specifications processes, as well as the programming.

A software developer may perform a variety of tasks and fill a wide range of roles:

A developer can be involved in every stage of the software lifecycle.

[edit] Skills

Software developers require good communication skills. Within their own team they need to share architecture and implementation ideas. They often interact with non-programmers, such as business analysts and end users.

The core task of a software developer is to program, actually building the software system. At a high level a developer may be involved in designing the architecture and interfaces of a system. They may also be involved at any level of detailed implementation. Therefore software developers need solid programming skills at every level.

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